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AI Products
Voice recognition has achieved an unprecidented level of accuracy even with background noises and accents. Mobile and IoT applications come with voice interface will certainly achieve unfair advantage over their competitions.
Machine now is able to truly understand meaning of text in multiple languages via advances in NLP - natural language processing. Many exciting use cases in text summarization, smart messaging, sentiment analysis &big data parsing is now possible.
Object detection, image parsing with the help of deep learning has become very accurate. Many mobile SDKs and open-source frameworks now come with pre-trained computer vision models. Imagination is the only limit in daily life tranformation that computer vision can bring.
Unmatched Customer Service

With AI, you can build chatbots and virtual agents that answer your customers’ questions, responding to their needs quickly and efficiently in multiple languages, 24/7.

Customer service representatives will only have to engage with customers in most challenging cases and will be able to deeply understand customer needs via AI data analysis and look up answers quickly to any questions with the help of AI assistants.

Futuristic Experience

Computer vision, speech recognition and natural language processing in combination with Argumented Reality has potential to enhance human experience in entertainment as well improve working condition in medicine, training, etcs.

Sci-fi movies and novels can be a daily life reality now.

Personalized Marketing

Tranditional mass advertisting and marketing is becoming less effective and more expensive. Serving the right marketing material and advertising content to your customer at the right time helps to sharply convert more purchases and reduce cost.

Empowered with AI, marketers now can sort through a large amount of data and content to find signal and deploy their ads dollar directly to consumers who are ready to make that buying decision.

M3, my AI assistant, is available 24/7 via SMS to help you to create a customer account in your personal development agency portal or set up an appointment to chat over the phone.
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