Edward Bernays is the forefather of modern propaganda or public relation. With Sigmund Freud as his uncle, many of Bernays' ideas came from Freud's psycho-analysis research.  Maybe 'Herd Mentality' from Freud & Bernays will help us to understand the rise of populism and Donald Trump.

  1. How crowd psychology shapes Trump's supporters identity and politics.

2. Defense mechanism explains the red wave that ignore facts and focus on things that bring good feeling

3. A divided West and America is weakening Democratic nations and making Putin more powerful than ever before.

4. Reckless monetary policies for decades  is creating largest wealth gap in history, fuel social tension and the populus wave.

5. Maybe a war with China is the only way to get out of the US government debt bubble.

6. Or every working adult in US is equipped with an AI to quantum leap our productivity and creativity.